Kid Walker Exoskeleton is Built Just for the Kids

When a company creates a working mech, it should come as no surprise that there's twice as many kids than adults out there that would love to get their hands (and feet) into one, and start walking them around. For the Japanese company Sakakibara Kikai, they realized that putting kids in the pilot's seat of a huge walking robot wasn't the best idea, so instead of just telling them all "No," they actually did the right thing, and made a smaller version.

The company's brand new Kid Walker is designed for the kids out there. It stands only 5 1/4 feet tall, and weighs less than 400 pounds. But, it also features a kid-friendly control scheme, making sure that kids don't get confused as they drive it around, and get into any kind of trouble. Furthermore, the robot doesn't actually walk, like its big brother. Instead, the company decided that putting wheels inside the bi-pedal base was a better idea, so now it kind of shuffles around at a reasonable pace.

The exoskeleton is said to cost somewhere in the ball park of $21,000, but Sakakibara Kikai only made one, and doesn't plan on putting the mech into mass production. Unfortunate, because we'd love to see these things rolling around all over the place.

[via OhGizmo!]