Kickstarter updates design layout for project pages

Kickstarter updated the design layout for project pages today, announced by CEO Perry Chen on the blog. It was said that project pages are the "heart and soul" of the entire site, which drove nearly 60 percent of pageviews over the last month. The average visitor should find that information is easier to locate on all project pages with the updated changes.

Creator information, locations and categories are now easier to spot, with short descriptions for projects added to pages. Launch dates and funding deadline dates were added to the shortened descriptions and the entire left column has been widened to accommodate larger videos. Other design enhancements include a centered title and creator name, along with some subtle changes to fonts and spacing.

The changes don't really come as much of a surprise considering that so many popular projects have been reaching goals faster than ever before, including the Ouya game console, which just blew past $5 million this week. The changes are live and can be viewed now across all Kickstarter project pages.

[via Kickstarter]