Kickstarter sees two projects hit the $1 million mark

I can remember the first time I happened across Kickstarter. I remember thinking that it was a very odd website, and I didn't see how people would be able to raise the sort of money they were seeking for products and other things such as movies or games they wanted to produce. As it turns out, Kickstarter has massively blown up over the last year, and many projects are racking up huge sums of money from hoards of Internet users who can put their own cash behind projects that they find interesting.

Over the last few months, we've seen several projects that have been successful in racking up significantly more money than the project owners figured they needed. Kickstarter has announced that there are now two products going on the site that have racked up huge sums in pledges. In fact, both the Elevation Dock for the iPhone and the Tim Schafer video game project dubbed Double Fine Adventure have both surpassed the $1 million mark.

The Elevation Dock hit the $1 million donation mark as of yesterday at about 1:30 PM Eastern. Double Fine Adventure hit the million-dollar mark yesterday as well. That is very impressive, the Schafer project was seeking only $400,000. I wonder if racking up such a huge amount of money above and beyond what the project was seeking is a blessing or curse. Having to build and ship a physical product such as the Elevation Dock for the iPhone in such a massive quantity could potentially be a burden to the new company with limited resources.

[via TheVerge]