Kickstarter sees over $100 million pledged towards games

To celebrate the beginning of the PAX East gaming convention this weekend, Kickstarter has announced that the crowd-sourcing project website has surpassed $100 million pledged towards various game projects. Thanks to over 630,000 backers over the past four years, 1,476 gaming projects were able to meet their goal and turn into a reality.

The Games category on Kickstarter includes video games, as well as table-top board games, the most notable successfully-funded projects being Double Fine Adventure, Faster Than Light, and Organ Trail, as well as table-top games like Sentinels of the Multiverse, Mobile Frame Zero, and Cards Against Humanity. Double Fine Adventures raised the most money out of the bunch, racking up over $3.3 million.

Breaking down the past four years but the amount of money raised each year, Kickstarter says that in 2009, the Games category raised a total of $60,601, with 2010 raising $546,362. In 2011, $3,855,692 was pledged, and in 2012, a record $83,144,565 was raised during those 12 months. So far this year, $22,423,264 has been raised, totaling more than all of 2009, 2010, and 2011 combined.

Back in January, Kickstarter announced that all crowd-sourced projects during 2012 raised a total of over $320 million. The company notes that times sure have changed since 2009. A successful gaming project back then was Kingdom Death, which raised $1,741 from 28 backers, with the same project relaunched in 2012 and raising over $2 million.