Kickstarter scam 'Mythic' pulled down, no money exchanges hands

A Kickstarter campaign for the development of a game called "Mythic" has been officially declared a hoax, and yanked from the social funding platform. Either the person/people behind the scam did not estimate the amount of interest the campaign would get, or just simply did not have any sort of intelligent thought process when announcing the project through Kickstarter. The project page showed screenshots that were of other games and blatantly ripped from other websites.

So the game was listed with the title "Mythic: The Story of Gods and Men." The unknown developer listed as the source of the project was called Little Monster Productions. The bogus company was seeking thousands of dollars in investments. But it wasn't long before skeptical visitors noticed that pictures displayed within the Kickstarter campaign – character sketches, background images, and even office photos – were simply stolen from around the Web.

The campaign page insisted that Little Monster Productions was composed of a team of former Activision Blizzard employees, and that people at Disney/Pixar were also involved. Something of that kind of caliber would normally have actually made news before making a random appearance on Kickstarter. Most people who can get funding from AAA investors will, and that kind of team sounds like it could probably get money from somewhere else. In the end, the scam raised $5,000 in pledges but since the light was shed before the target funding goal was reached, no money ever actually exchanged hands.

[via ShackNews]