Kickstarter raised nearly $100M for projects in 2011

Kickstarter was huge in 2011 both for cool projects and of the amount of money it helped raise to kick off new projects for designers and inventors. Two of the coolest projects we saw on Kickstarter last year were the Twine device, which raised over $500,000, and the spnKIX wearable skate devices. Kickstarter had a lot more projects that took off thanks to the platform too.

Gigaom reports that Kickstarter raised almost $100 million for the various listed projects in 2011. Kickstarter launched in 2009 and the company reported that it increased the number of launched projects by 143% since 2010. Successful projects that landed the funding needed increased by roughly 203% in the same time.

Kickstarter says that more projects hit their funding totals in 2011 than were launched in all of 2010. In 2011, Kickstarter launched 27,086 projects and 11,836 of those were successful. That gave the site a project success rate of 46%. The most successful category was film with $32.4 million pledged; music was second with $9.2 million pledged. I wonder how well Kickstarter will do this year.