Kickstarter: games drew nearly a million backers in 2015

Kickstarter has released numbers from 2015 pertaining specifically to games. According to the company, games alone drew nearly a million backers over the course of last year, and those backers pledged more than $144.4 million to various projects. The number of projects that were successful, though, is disappointing with a 30.3-percent overall success rate.

According to Kickstarter's new infographic, a total of 978,189 backers pledged funds to "Games" projects, which includes both video games and tabletop games. The most successful game was Exploding Kittens — it has the honor being the most backed campaign ever on Kickstarter, as well as the most-funding game ever.

Tabletop games also had some successes, such as "Conan." Overall, backers paid $144,407,094 for games through 2,249,391 pledges. A total of 7,466 games were pledged, but the number that saw success is quite a bit smaller. Only 2,259 projects were successfully funded.

This represents a 30.3-percent success rate, which — while not tiny — doesn't inspire high hopes for those new to the platform. Still, the numbers show a big increase over last year (nearly double the backers and funds), and the outlook for 2016 is looking brighter than ever.

SOURCE: Kickstarter