Kickstarter for iPhone update brings fixes and improvements

Kickstarter for iPhone was released earlier in the month and it looks like an update has already arrived. This update will bring the Kickstarter app to version 1.1 and as one would expect with a point release, it is heavier on the fixes and improvements as compared to the new features. Thankfully though, that is not to say there is nothing new. On that note, lets begin with the new addition.

Kickstarter for iPhone v1.1 now has a new messages view. Basically, messages are now broken down into two categories — inbox and sent. Next up is an improvement in terms of push notifications. There isn't a great deal of detail on this one however it was said that creators will now better control over push notifications. Basically it seems as if creators will now have a bit more control over how and/or what is sent to those funding their projects.

With something new and something improved, it is now time for the fixes, of which there are three listed. First up deals with the app banner, which should now open to "just the right spot" when you click Open from the website banner. Nothing major in that respect, but this next one should be a bit more exciting for those searching for that next project to back. The video experience has been fixed. The changelog notes that international users should see better performance when it comes to loading a video and that all issues with full-screen videos should be resolved.

Lastly, the Facebook logins and new user signup issues were taken care of. It seems some of the Facebook logins were simply failing and not processing correctly and that some users were seeing a "Name is required" error message even when they entered a name during the sign up process. Bottom line, a relatively minor, but still decent app update. The Kickstarter for iPhone app can be found in the iTunes App Store and while free to download and use, it may end up costing some money in form of backed projects.

[via iTunes App Store]