Kickstarter cracking down on fake products with new hire

Those who back products in crowdfunding campaigns have gained some elements of protection in recent months, but it is still largely a game of risk, one that relies on backers being unable to sniff out a scam when it surfaces. We've seen some pretty absurd products appear on Kickstarter over the years, and some of them have been pulled in the face of those doubts. Kickstarter is looking to start cracking down on these scammy campaigns, however, and to help do that will be a new "Integrity Specialist".

Kickstarter posted the job advertisement on its website recently, saying that it is looking for someone "with excellent critical thinking and deduction skills" to review the products posted specifically in its Design and Technology categories — neither of which are surprising given the number of scam-like campaigns that surface there.

This person will, among other things, help make sure that those posting projects on the site are following the rules. This comes in light of several campaigns that have drawn criticism for being obvious scams — things that don't make sense, that aren't physically possible, and other issues that indicate a creator is likely better described as a scammer.

Though a single new hire won't be vanquishing all signs of scams and poor projects from the website, this will help take things in a better direction, and hopefully reduce instances of backers being taken in. We're looking at you, Crystal Wash 2.0.

SOURCE: Gizmodo