Kickstarter brings on new CEO, founders announce position changes

Kickstarter has been around for a handful of years now, and in that time span has seen regular growth and some wildly successful campaigns, not the least of which was the recent Mighty No. 9. As the company continues to grow, a management shuffle is taking place, and two Kickstarter co-founders will be taking on different roles while a new CEO takes the helm.

The announcement was made today by founder Perry Chen on the Kickstarter blog, where he detailed the company's early days and the work that he did alongside the other founders, Yancey and Charles. The three of them held many roles within the company, and thus far Chen has served as the company's CEO. As with all things, the founders are ready for a change, and so some management shuffling will be taking place.

Starting January 1, Chen will switch from serving as Kickstarter's CEO to its Chairman, where he says he will both gain more time to work on his own personal projects and will still be able to work with the Kickstarter teams on various projects and company guidance. Yancey then will be taking over the role of company CEO, also on the first of 2014.

Charles, meanwhile, is said to be moving to Chicago in order to be nearer his family, and that his involvement with Kickstarter will continue in the form of an advisor position as he begins looking to apply his efforts elsewhere. This comes as at a time when the company nears its next big goal, with Chen saying that over the next few months, Kickstarter is geared up to pass the one billion dollars pledged milestone.

VIA: TechCrunch

SOURCE: Kickstarter