Kickstarter achieves nearly $320 million in pledges in 2012

Kickstarter saw a lot of action in 2012, and there were a ton of funded projects that ended up being a huge hit, the Pebble smartwatch and the OUYA game console just to name a few. Today, the online start-up service released some crazy statistics and figures of 2012, the main number being almost $320 million in pledges during those 12 months.

In total, 2,241,475 people pledged $319,786,629, resulting in 18,109 successfully-funded projects. This means that backers pledged $606.76 per minute on average. Out of the more than 2.2 million people who backed Kickstarter projects, 570,672 of them backed two or more projects, while just over 50,000 back ten or more. 452 people backed 100 or more projects.

Kickstarter also notes that people in 177 countries have backed projects, which accounts for about 90% of all the countries in the world. Furthermore, out of the 13 categories that Kickstarter has, Music was the most-funded category, seeing over 5,000 successfully-funded projects, and the Games category saw the most money pledged, over $83 million.

Other categories, including Art, Film, Music, Publishing, and Theater each had more than 1,000 funded projects. Out of the 18,000 funded projects, 17 of them raised $1 million or more, which says a lot about what it takes to have a very successful project on the online service. 17 projects is only 0.0009% out of the funded projects on Kickstarter.