KFConsole ready to heat up your game and keep your poultry warm

This year has thrown a lot of schedules out of whack and it seems that KFC may have gotten its April Fools date either too late or too early. Then again, the company is notorious for its outlandish and eccentric marketing campaigns around the world but this definitely takes the cake, or, more appropriately, the chicken. As teased last June, the KFConsole is all but ready to take on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X|S, not only with gaming chops but a feature no console has or would even want to have.

The KFConsole, despite its name, is really a gaming PC housed in a custom body made by Cooler Master. Like any powerful gaming PC, it always has to face the problem of thermal management to keep the system running at its best without burning the whole thing down. That heat is pretty much wasted, regardless of the cooling system employed, but KFC and Cooler Master have figured out a way to put that heat to good use.

If it hasn't been obvious yet, the KFConsole boasts of the world's first and most likely last built-in chicken chamber. This uses the heat generated by the gaming PC to keep chicken, preferably KFC's, warm during gameplay so you won't have to suffer the inconvenience of cold or lukewarm poultry. Whether it's hot enough to actually cook other things is still to be tested and we can only presume it has been carefully designed so that the oils and other food substances won't ruin the electronics underneath.

The KFConsole is no joke, however, at least as far as a gaming PC is concerned. It hides a 9th-gen Intel Core i9 NUC 9 and supports hot-swappable mini GPUs like those from ASUS. It also has two 1TB Seagate BarraCuda SSDs and supports 4K output, ray-tracing, and even VR. You'll probably want to be careful with the latter so that you don't accidentally ruin your dinner inside.

What's still missing now is the actual availability of the KFConsole. Given how late it is, it might not arrive in time for the holidays, which would be a shame considering how the gaming PC seems to be a perfect match for the season.