KFC teases 4K gaming console concept with built-in chicken warmer

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the fast-food restaurant best known for its fried chicken products, is no stranger to embracing modern trends and introducing gimmicky products as part of its marketing strategy. We've seen the KFC drone box, the Bitcoin Box, and even a dinner box that included a built-in phone charger. Now the company is back teasing its 'KFConsole.'

The gaming console wars are hot this year — we've known about the Xbox Series X for a while and it was recently joined by the official unveiling of the PlayStation 5. Amid it all, news about one console was ignored: the KFConsole. The Kentucky Fried Chicken social media accounts introduced the concept late last week, teasing that not only can the console play at 4K, it also has a built-in chicken warmer.

The console is, of course, shaped like a chicken bucket; it has a warm oven-like lighting effect along the bottom edge and a seamless 'chicken chamber' above the disc drive. Of course, in case this needs to be said, the concept is just that: a fun idea that doesn't actually exist and never will, at least not outside of the digital world.

KFC is clearly poking fun at the current console wars and capitalizing on the PlayStation 5 buzz to get some marketing attention, this being the latest of its amusing and somewhat odd tech-related ideas. The company is still talking about its KFConsole on its 'gaming memes' Instagram account.

Is the idea of a gaming setup with its own built-in snack apparatus appealing? Yes. Is the thought of accidentally touching a game disc with greasy chicken fingers appealing? No. It's a fun idea, though, interjecting some humor into the otherwise heated console debates going on right now.