KFC has a VR training game because nothing is sacred anymore

Eric Abent - Aug 24, 2017, 10:36 am CDT
KFC has a VR training game because nothing is sacred anymore

It’s not hard to imagine all of the potential applications for virtual reality, but one you may not have considered is its use in employee training. KFC, seeing an opportunity to make the training process more interactive, has decided to blaze the trail for VR training. Yes, you heard right: KFC’s new employee training will soon utilize VR as a means of teaching those trainees how to prepare fried chicken.

KFC revealed the plan to launch a VR training game to Eater today. It also treated us to a video of the game in question, in which players find themselves in an ornate room with Colonel Sanders shouting at them over an intercom. Sanders tells players that they’ll never be able to leave until they master the five steps of preparing chicken – inspect, rinse, bread, tray, and fry.

The whole thing somehow gives off a BioShock feel, and is actually somewhat funny at parts. It also has a bit of practicality to it – as KFC told Eater, the process of preparing and frying chicken in-store takes about 25 minutes, while this game can get the basics across in 10 by cutting out the time spent waiting for the chicken to fry.

KFC also says that this VR game isn’t going to replace its on-board training entirely, so you can rest assured that future employees weren’t trained solely by a 10-minute VR game. The game, which doesn’t seem to have a name, is played on Oculus Rift headsets, and for the moment, there’s no word on when KFC stores can expect it to roll out on a large scale.

Sure, it’s a little weird, but it offers an interesting little glimpse into KFC’s training process. At the very least, you get to hear Colonel Sanders gripe about how stupid robots are, which is definitely a bonus. Watch the full game play out in the video above – thanks to PC Gamer – and then head down to the comments section to tell us what you think.

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