Keyton Innova Massage Chairs

Karn Suriyasasin - Nov 26, 2006
Keyton Innova Massage Chairs

Looking for something super nice this Christmas? How about luxury furniture that just fits in your place? Or, some good massage after a long day at work? Would it be nice to have something that helps relax from your toes upwards when you get back home? Yes! I’m talking about the Innova Massage Chairs from Keyton.

This babe is a robotized Shiatsu massage chair able to automatically adapt the massage to each back’s needs. A sophisticated control panel, located in the arm of the chair, allows you to enjoy an automatic massage at just a press of button. Its new SensorScan massage system allows you to personalize up to 32 types of massages with the remote control, and with the most advance technology available, the Keyton massage chairs can analyze the user’s back muscles at more than 350 massage points giving you the best-possible massage for a price of $7,500.

Keyton Innova Massage Chair [Via Bornrich]

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