Keyto is a breathalyzer for keto dieters

The keto diet is arguably the most popular fad diet at the moment, and it revolves around one big goal: eating few enough carbohydrates to enter ketosis. Dieters have traditionally evaluated their level of ketosis using a product called ketone test strips, but a new product aims to make those obsolete. Called Keyto, the device resembles a reusable straw and is essentially a breathalyzer for keto dieters.

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat dieting protocol that, when done properly, results in the dieters entering ketosis. This state of ketosis involves the dieter's body burning ketones rather than glucose for energy. The presence of ketones is usually detected using urine strips, which are impractical in certain situations.

Because ketones also result in the byproduct acetone, which results in the typical "keto breath" issue, a device could also detect levels using that avenue. Keyto is one such device, utilizing a proprietary Breath Sensor to measure ketone levels. As the image above shows, the user merely breathes into the stick-shaped device.

The resulting measurement is displayed in the Keyto mobile app, enabling users to monitor their levels. The results are said to be both reliable and accurate. The app utilizes machine learning algorithms to provide information to users that is based on things like goal and age.

Content includes personalized meal recommendations, program guidance, a proprietary guide, a social engine, and educational videos, as well as access to a keto recipe library. The breath analyzer device is available to preorder now for $99 USD from Indiegogo, where the company behind it is seeking funding. The retail price is expected to be $150 USD; shipping is expected to start in January.