Keyspan MCE Remote Runs on RF Instead Of Infrared

James Allan Brady - Aug 8, 2007

Ever had the problem of your MCE remote not having a line of site with your receiver and you can’t do anything without moving yourself or something else? Well apparently so has someone at Keyspan, and thus spawned the RF Vista MCE remote.

It runs at 433Mhz and is good up to 60 feet. Oh, and the best part, it goes through most walls and furniture, meaning you can conceal your HTPC altogether, or, at the very least, not have to move anything (read: stupid friends in the way) to change channels or pause, play, stop, rewind.

It comes with a USB dongle that is the receiver, and the remote, which looks disturbingly like my Comcast remote. Other than that it is only compatible with Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate (you know, the only two versions of Vista with Media Center functionality). Oh yeah, I almost forgot, it cost a measly $49.

Keyspan Vista MCE RF Remote Penetrates Walls [via EverythingUSB]

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