Keyport - Looks cool, costs way too much

A while back I saw this nifty key holder called the Keyport. It looks pretty cool, and it holds up to six standard keys. The keys are stored in a little box and when you want one, you just move up the appropriate slider. Like I said, it sounds pretty cool, right?

While I don't doubt that it really is a cool little device, it is way too expensive for what it does. One of these will set you back $295, before shipping. If you live outside the US, they'll charge you $70 to deliver it to your doorstep.

If the price weren't bad enough, you've got to send them a copy of each key that you want integrated into the unit. That means you've got to make copies of all of your keys, then ship them off, pay a buttload of money, then wait some more. I don't even want to know what happens when you need to change a key. I'll just stick to carrying all of my keys on my D20 holder keychain.

Good Ideas Turned Bad: $295 Keyport Keyholder [via ohgizmo]