Kensington StudioCaddy is a charging hub and desk tidy for Apple fans

If working from home has your desk looking like a mini Apple Store, Kensington's new StudioCaddy may help tidy things up. Latest in the company's Apple accessories line-up, it's a desktop stand with built-in Qi wireless charging and space for both an iPad and a MacBook laptop.

It looks a little like a magazine rack, though the dual Qi charger can be detached depending on where you want to position your iPhone and AirPods. The wireless charger supports up to 7.5W for iPhone, up to 10W for Android devices, and up to 5W for AirPods (as long as you have the wireless charging case for them).

There's also a USB-C port that can deliver up to 5V/3A or 9V/2.25A, and a USB-A port that can output up to 5V/2.4A. The charger works through most iPhone cases, Kensington says, as long as they're less than 3mm thick. There's also an iPhone 12 riser, so that it will bring the smartphone to just the right height for the charger.

As for the stand section, that's designed to hold your MacBook in an upright position when closed. You'll still have access to the ports on either side, mind, so you can use it to drive an external display, keyboard, and mouse or trackpad.

For an iPad, meanwhile, the stand is designed so that you can still see the screen, and it'll hold the tablet in both portrait and landscape orientation. It'll accommodate iPads in cases, too, as well as those docked with the Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Smart Keyboard Folio.

What there isn't is a USB-C charger capable of powering a laptop, so for that you'll still need the regular USB-C power supply that came with your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

As you'd expect, the whole thing is made of matching aluminum and there's a non-slip base along with rubber pads to cradle your Apple gear. Organizing things doesn't come cheap, mind. The Kensington StudioCaddy is available now, priced at $179.99.