Kensington All-In-One Travel Plug Adapter - its like one of those multiple pen pen's

Do you remember those cheap pens that you used to get as a kid that had like red, white, blue, green, pink, yellow, and a bunch of other crazy colors in it and you pushed down on the one you wanted and it would extend out so you could write? Well this basically looks like that and does the same thing, but with electricity.

I don't think I've ever seen a smaller, more convenient travel adapter for getting electricity to your devices before. It might be a pain to try and make it through airport security with this as it surely looks menacing as far as gadgets go, but it does seem extremely useful.

By extremely useful I mean it will help you get power to your iPod, laptop, or phone in up to 150 countries. It also has a fuse built in so you don't blow your precious gear up, or your room, you can get it now at Amazon for about $20.

[via LikeCool]