Kena Kai offers new shiny patent leather wallets offering RF shielding

It used to be that if you wanted to be sure someone didn't steal your wallet all you needed to do was get one of those wallets on a chain. Today a thief doesn't actually have to steal your wallet to get at your credit card info if you are using the contactless credit cards.

Some credit cards might not be secure allowing hackers to access the data stored on the RFID chips inside without ever touching the card owner. A company called Kena Kai is launching a new line of patent leather wallets that have RF shielding to block anyone from accessing the RFID chip on the credit card.

According to the company, researchers at MIT have proven that card information theft can be done by hackers from up to 20 feet away. The RF shielding prevents the data from being accessible. The wallet sells for $70 and will come in five colors with gold zippers and contrasting accents.