KEF X300A Wireless Speakers Offer Audiophile Grade Technology

If you're a hard-core audiophile looking for some super high-quality speakers for your Mac or Windows computer, KEF has new product that you may want to check out. KEF has unveiled a new set of wireless desktop speakers called the X300A Wireless. The speakers promise high-end audiophile grade hardware throughout.

The wireless technology integrated into the speakers allows them to support music streaming via Airplay or DLNA compatible Apple and Android devices. The speakers use KEF Uni-Q drivers, four dedicated amplifiers with two in each speaker, and a pair of high-quality discrete DACs. In wired mode, the speakers connect to your computer via a USB cable.

Wired audio mode offers high-resolution 96 kHz/24-bit distortion free playback offering an audiophile grade listening experience. KEF says that these computer speakers are comparable to the best pro-audio monitors available on the market today and feature two class AB audiophile-grade amps in each speaker.

The speaker uses two of those amps with one for the LF/MF and one for HF. This allows high frequencies to be driven separately from the mid range and low frequencies to provide cleaner sound at a higher volume levels. The speakers also have the ability to switch between desk mode and free space or wall modes adjust the equalization depending on location for optimal performance. The speakers are available in gunmetal gray or white finishes. KEF also equips the speakers with 3.5 mm analog input. The X300A Wireless speakers are available now with an audiophile-grade price of $999.99 in the US.