KEF polish off $130k speakers

Right, I've had a look in my piggy bank and there's about the equivalent of $7.42, so I'm a little bit short of the $130,000 KEF are asking for these limited edition MUON speakers.

Just one-hundred pairs of the speakers will be made, each formed from vacuum molding a 6mm-thick sheet of aluminium made malleable through careful heating.  That's then placed over a former and the stunning, sinuous curves sucked into place.

The rest of the technology is equally beguiling; a four-way speaker system at the front is responsible for treble and mid-range, while two bass drivers at the back handle the lower frequencies.  The cones are made from activated carbon, which KEF claim absorbs air molecules and thus lets each speaker move double the amount of air as normal.  I'm not sure exactly how that works, to be honest, but it sounds damned impressive!

The seven-foot tall monoliths will be sold in just ten cities; can anyone lend me a few hundred thousand?

KEF [via eHomeUpgrade]