KEF Muon Speakers Cost $198,000 for a Pair

There's an old saying. "You get what you pay for." And for the manufacturers of the Muon speakers, they are hopefully taking that old saying to heart. KEF has just unveiled their brand new Muon speakers, and while they may indeed look like a strange, wavy funhouse mirror, they're actually working speakers. And Muon is hoping that these "extraordinary audio speakers" catch your eye enough that you drop more than enough money to give anyone a heart attack not in the right tax bracket.

KEF's Muon is part of a limited edition, and the company only manufactured one hundred pairs of the speakers. With your money, you do get "the pair," so at least it isn't almost $200,000 for just one speaker. The Muon is molded from super-formed aluminum, which are created from heated aluminum that are malleable. And that's how KEF manages that wavy shape.

Unfortunately, KEF wasn't actually showing off the auditory part of the speakers at the show they were at, but for almost $200,000, we can only imagine what miraculous tones must come from those speakers. Will there be 100 people out there eager to drop that kind of money on a pair of speakers? Only time will tell.

[via DVICE]