Keep your valuables safe, and cold

People are always coming up with creative new ways to stash away their valuables. The best is usually a storage area disguised as something else. My personal favorite is the classic hollowed-out book. Runner-up: hollowed-out head of lettuce.

No, don't go hacking at a fresh head of lettuce, there's one you can buy that will last a lot longer than that. I can't imagine a thief looking around for your valuables and thinking "maybe I'll check the lettuce." Granted, if they were robbing my house and saw a head of lettuce in my fridge, they might get suspicious. Pizza boxes, pop, a ketchup bottle, and a perfect head of lettuce. Nothing suspicious here.

This little guy will set you back a bit more than your local grocery store. But $50 isn't much if it keeps your valuables safe and sound.

How to deter theft with a head of lettuce [via crave]