Keep your eye on the mouse

Security is always a big thing, and people that handle sensitive information can never be too careful. We've seen a lot of products that feature fingerprint readers, but what about more futuristic methods of identifying yourself?

Retinal scanners, now that's what I'm talking about! Korean manufacturer Qritek has created the IRIBIO, a mouse with a built-in retinal scanner to satisfy our need for high-tech security. All of the work is done from the mouse itself, with a scanner running at 500MHz, 16MB of RAM and 1MB of storage to handle this task.

Once you hold the mouse up to your eye it determines who you are, and if you have clearance, submits the proper data back to your PC via an encrypted USB link. Unfortunately, these are currently only available in Korea.

IRIBIO – The Iris-scanning mouse [via coolestgadgets]