Keaton-Era Batman Batarangs Include LED Display

Can't get enough movie props? Hollywood Collectibles Group has rolled out a limited supply of batarangs from the Michael Keaton-era Batman movies, one of which includes an LED display as seen in Batman Returns. They're sent in a case for display in your collection, but there's no shame in taking one out and letting it fly.

Three batarangs are included in the set, all of them replicas of the batarangs used in Batman starring Michael Keaton and the follow-up Batman Returns. The Batman Returns batarang has a simple LED display in the middle that mirrors the one from the movie.

The batarangs are licensed, and are shipped in a black display case with three fitted spots for the faux weapons. None of the batarangs are fixed in the display — you can take them out to play with them if you want. The display can be wall-mounted, if desired.

The props aren't available yet (there's pre-order, though), set to ship in the first quarter of 2015. There are 500 pieces total for the global market, with 100 of them being reserved for sale in the United States. The price tag sits at a hefty $500 USD.

SOURCE: Chip Chick