KDDI Research works on Android app and headband that measures brainwaves

PLX Devices came out with a headset that worked with an app for the iPhone a long while back that promised to measure the concentration of the wearer and allow them to play games using their brain on the smartphone. KDDI Research in Japan has working on something similar but this app and headset is on an Android phone. The goal is the same, which is to allow the app to measures the relaxation and concentration of the wearer.

The app on the smartphone works with a headband that has sensors inside that can measure neural activity. The app in the smartphone measures the user's neural activity after 30 seconds of play on the app games. Once the neural activity is measured, the results are offered up in chart form. There are three different games included in the app .

The charts offered after play will show the amount of concentration or relaxation. The app also offers charts with a diagram of the brain showing what parts of the brain were used. The user is also able to use the app to focus for 30 seconds on something they are passionate about and the app will chart the parts of the brain used during that time. The hardware and app are both concepts only right now.

[via Android Community]