Kazaa music streaming for iPhone, iPad and Android without an app

If you have been around the web for a long time and are a fan of music, you will recognize the Kazaa name. The site was a peer-to-peer sharing network in its early days and then morphed into a subscription site to keep the music industry legal ninjas away. Kazaa has announced a new work around that will allow it to stream tunes to mobile devices without having to pay the 30% subscription fee Apple demands.

Kazaa has announced that anyone with a subscription to the service can now stream all the tunes they want to their iPhone, iPad, or Android device by simply navigating to the Kazaa website. There is no need to download an app or any other software on any of the supported devices. Kazaa will charge your subscription fees to a credit card, mobile bill and in some cases to your home phone bill.

"We intend to broaden access for our service with new and dedicated applications, so that the browser is not the only way customers can access our service," commented Ray Musci, Atrinsic's COO. "For Kazaa, Apple's App Store is just one of many marketing and distribution channels we already engage in, with our primary objective of making it convenient and easy for customers to access our service." Mr. Musci continued, "We have been carefully monitoring our users habits and interacting with them for several months while we build out and customize Kazaa's products and services to better fit their needs. We intend to continue this practice with many new and exciting innovations to enhance our product and expand our direct marketing relationships."

[via Android Community]