Kyocera Katsura Android "Gaming Tablet" Exclusive Leaked Shots

Android Community released some exclusive shots of the Kyocera Katsura, an otherwise unknown gaming tablet. Their source is revealed only as "our man in Eastern Europe." These blurry shots give some nice teases of a piece of tech that may well be the hardware company's answer to the Xperia PLAY – in tablet form!

The Katsura looks to be an extra-wide tablet comparable to the Motorola Xoom in thickness. The backing looks like it's a matte rubberized finish with branded designs molded into the cover. It seems like a comfortable tablet at first glance, as we know firsthand that although the XOOM might not be the thinnest tablet in the market, its casing is an excellent experience when it comes to handling it for hours on end.

It's not certain what their source meant when he dubbed this device as a "gaming tablet." First thoughts, it's a wider tablet, which if it works like I hope it does, will give users and developers space for user interface alongside the game window. This design could be all about giving more window space where gamers need it most.

[via Android Community]