Katheryn Hahn WandaVision spinoff tipped as dark comedy

If you've not seen the entirety of the show WandaVision over on Disney+ yet, I must beg you to turn back. There is a rather bonkers reveal late in the series that you'll want to experience for yourself, if you've yet to take the plunge. It involves the true identity of Wanda and The Vision's neighbor, and how she'll take to the universe now that she's been revealed to all.

In the show WandaVision, it's revealed that the friendly fun-loving neighbor "Agnes" played by Katheryn Hahn turns out to be none other than the notirous spellcaster Agatha Harkness. She's otherwise known as a wizard, a witch, a sorcerer – whatever you'd like, in the comic book series. She's also inextricably tied to the story of Wanda Maximoff, otherwise known as Scarlett Witch.

It's suggested by Variety that "a 'WandaVision' spinoff starring Katheryn Hahn is in development at Disney Plus from Marvel Studios." This is tipped to be a "series" – meaning it'll have multiple episodes, rather than a one-shot movie. Sources suggest this series will be a "dark comedy".

Rumors suggest that the head writer from WandaVision (Jac Schaeffer) will be both writer and executive producer on this new project.

This isn't entirely shocking, as Hahn effectively stole every scene she was in on WandaVision. The song composed specifically for her reveal episode won the show an Emmy award for best original music and lyrics. It'd be MORE shocking to find that Hahn wouldn't appear in any Marvel projects from this point forward – you don't just leave a character that explosively awesome without anything to do at the end of her first feature!

The timing of the production and release of the Hahn Marvel show is not yet public. It's expected that it'll focus on Agatha Harkness, but that's not been made official either – we shall see!