Kansas City Police blast concrete alligator, city now safe

There are a few things in this world that I will not help fend off should they attack you. One is a snake. Should you ever be set upon by a giant anaconda, I will use the time it takes that snake to swallow you to run into another zip code. The second is alligators. I once happened on an alligator lying on the beach at local lake and ran away so fast I was sore for three days after the incident. I can understand the cops coming to a city pond in Kansas City to investigate reports of an alligator shooting first and checking vitals later.

The incident started when some kids reported an alligator lying in a pond. Apparently, one of the city conservation agents gave the go ahead to take the cold-blooded reptile out if it looked dangerous. The cops upon seeing the alligator deemed the beast dangerous and started shooting. I for one do not blame them. At least they didn't scramble a helicopter like the police in Hampshire.

The cops soon realized their error when the bullets were bouncing off the alligator, which turned out to be concrete. I hope the police left the bullet ridden concrete carcass lying in the pond as an example to other concrete animals around the city that might scare folks. I'd like to know who though putting a concrete alligator in the pond was a good idea.

[via Gizmodo]