Kangaroo is a Windows 10 desktop PC the size of a phone

While Windows 10 continues to be a hit, seeing continuous installation numbers across the globe, consumers are still shifting away from traditional desktop PCs, whether it's towards hybrid devices like the new Surface Book, smartphones, or the small PC-on-a-stick options that plug into a HDMI port. The new Kangaroo PC, from InFocus, aims to combine the latter with the good things from a desktop PC, resulting in a smartphone-sized Windows 10 machine with its own battery source and connection ports.

The Kangaroo isn't going to match a desktop PC's specs, with a 2.24GHz Intel Cherrytrail processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage, but it is going to blow away the mini PC-on-a-stick options, especially with a starting price of just $99.

But what makes the Kangaroo even better is that it has its own HDMI port, two USB ports, a power port for charging the internal battery, and support for microSDXC cards to expand storage up to 128GB. InFocus says that with peripherals and a monitor connected the Kangaroo's battery can offer up to four hours of "casual use."

The device relies on a WiFi connection in place of an ethernet port, and Bluetooth support also helps to conserve those USB ports when it comes to using a keyboard and mouse. For those who need to use it in a truly mobile situation, the Kangaroo can pair with an iOS app and use an iPad as a display, either in a standard desktop mode or a tablet mode.

InFocus says the Kangaroo PC is available starting today from both the Microsoft online store and Newegg.com.

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