KAIST wireless charging system can charge multiple devices at once

The big black squares you see in these images below are a new wireless charging system that has been developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology known as KAIST. The wireless charging device is different from many of the others already on the market in that it has the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time, but that isn't the only cool thing this new wireless charging system can do.

KAIST's device can also charge electronics from a short distance and at peak efficiency no matter which way the devices are facing. The first real world trials of the wireless charging system will take place in cafes and offices.

The charger is said to be safe for humans, which means it won't shock you if leaned on while in use. The charger can handle dozens devices at once and charge them from a distance of as far as 1.6 feet. A special coil has to be used on the phone to get power from the charging system. In testing, a special coil was fitted to a Galaxy Note inside a case for the phone.

Effective charging power is 30 watts so the device can power up to 30 smartphones or five laptops at a time. There is no word on when the system might go into real world testing or how much it might cost. Having one of these in a café or at the airport would certainly make it easier for people to keep their devices powered up.

SOURCE: Gizmag