K5 Tahoe Conversion is a modern SUV that looks old-school

A company called Flat Out Autos is making a very cool conversion of 2015 through 2020 Chevrolet Tahoes. The conversion takes the modern SUV and converts it outside to look like a retro Chevrolet K5. The vehicle has a vast array of custom touches to pull off the transformation with items such as billet door handles using the OEM mechanism.

The interior features houndstooth seat inserts, and the engine bay is tweaked to blend old-school and modern styling. Another interesting touch is that the conversion uses is a carbon fiber tailgate hatch with an integrated backup camera. The vehicle also features a custom-built set of 20-inch wheels that feature retro-styled hubcaps.

The first time the vehicle was seen in public was that SEMA 2019, and the vehicle went into production last spring. The company had to set up templates and fixtures for building the custom sheet-metal for the conversion. Everything about the conversion is performed in-house at the Flat Out Auto's facility, including hand forming the door skins.

After the conversion, the Tahoe looks very much like a classic first-generation K5 Blazer. The classic looks are combined with all of the reliability and safety equipment of the modern Tahoe SUV. The company notes that all modern safety features are maintained in the conversion, including all airbags, parking sensors, backup camera, lane-keeping assist, a power liftgate, and remote start.

Passive keyless entry and blind-spot warnings are also incorporated into the conversion. The build process takes about 90 days from tear down to the final assembly. The company will source the Tahoe for the buyer, or the buyer can provide their own. For those wondering how much the slick conversion costs, it's reportedly $69,000 on top of the donor Tahoe's price.