JVC unveils 8K4K Projector with 1.1 million to 1 contrast

We've seen the JVC's 1.75-inch LCOS-enabled D-ILA microdisplays back in May, a high pixel density device with high expectation to replace existing 10MP DLA-SH4K, a 4096x2400 pixel 4K2K D-ILA projector early next year. Here it is, Nikkie has a report of JVC's newest 8K4K prototype beamer from Victor Company of Japan Ltd (JVC). A 35MP front-projector capable of displaying 8192x4320 resolution at ultra high contrast of 1.1 million to 1.

In a nutshell, the concept display utilized the 1.75-inch 8K4K D-ILA device which is capable of 20,000:1 contrast and has a response time of 4.5ms. The device is then mounted with 3x 3,840 × 2,160 pixel microdisplays to achieve a combined image of 1.1 million to 1 contrast.

"To display an image, a full-color image is made by using the three 3,840 × 2,160 pixel display devices, and an 8,192 × 4,320 pixel monochrome image is made based on the luminance component of input signals. Then, those two images are combined to produce an image."

Pricing and availability are not disclosed, but don't think of a minute there you can afford it. Current JVC's 4k2k D-ILA is selling at ~$140,000!