JVC Pseudo 3D glasses are a step up from the 3D glasses of yore

A lot of prototypes for all sorts of devices are showing up at CEATEC in Japan this week. One such prototype is a pair of "pseudo 3D" glasses from JVC that convert 2D video in real time to something that resembles 3D. 

Just like all 3D glasses, you have to wear them for a minute or two before you can really see anything in 3D, but shortly thereafter, you can notice considerable depth in the image. What's cool is that you don't get the same "3D headache" as you would have with the old paper glasses.

The system works by converting 2D high-definition video from pretty much any source into 3D HD by sending it through a processor. Animated films don't work too well on the system, however and there is no known release date or even plans to release the converter to the public.

[via Gizmodo]