JVC no longer to produce standalone VCRs

Today, is the end of an era, folks. The age of the standalone VCR has officially come to an end. And while many people might have thought it had already closed its chapter, JVC did for real today. 

JVC was the last company producing standalone VCRs but now they have decided to quit manufacturing them. There will still be DVD/VCR combo devices, however, but it'll be sad to see the device just for VHS gone away.

So what's the details on the legacy of the VCR? Well, it seems over 900 million VCRs were made across the world–50 million of those bearing the JVC brand. It's funny because while I've stopped using VHS in my everyday life, I still have a ton of them and a VCR to boot. I guess today is the day the VCR started its serious fade out.

[via Engadget]