Juul stops selling mint flavor after studies link it to teen vape use

Brittany A. Roston - Nov 7, 2019, 3:48 pm CST
Juul stops selling mint flavor after studies link it to teen vape use

Vaping company Juul has announced that it has stopped selling mint-flavored pods, one of the remaining flavors it was still offering to customers in the US. The decision comes shortly after the publication of studies that found mint is one of the most popular flavors among teenagers who vape. Juul has already faced scrutiny over what some have alleged as the targeting of minors with some of its past marketing.

Earlier this week, two studies were published that found, among other things, that mint and menthol were among the favorite vaping flavors used by teenagers. That was an important finding in light of current ban attempts — many have sought a ban on the sale of fruit and snack-flavored liquids, but want to allow mint, menthol, and tobacco flavors to remain.

The first two of those three flavors are often sought by teen users, however, raising concerns about allowing them to remain on the market. One study found that more than half of teens who are currently vaping report using either menthol or mint flavors. In a new statement that cites these studies, Juul has announced that it has stopped selling its mint-flavored vaping pods.

The sales end has taken place in the United States; the company says it is no longer accepting orders from retailers for the mint version of its pods and that it will no longer sell them through its online store to US customers. Menthol, however, remains available to purchase.

The distinction between mint and menthol flavors remains fuzzy. Many users can be found soliciting thoughts on the difference between the two online — the big difference seems to be the menthol version’s emphasis on sensation whereas the mint version emphasized the flavor itself. Both Classic Tobacco and Virginia Tobacco remain available to purchase, as well.

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