Justin Bieber Maxthon smartphone browser is a sign of the apocalypse

I don't need a Mayan calendar to know that the world is ending when Maxthon cheerily rolls out a Justin Bieber branded, customized smartphone browser skin. The browser is available for Android and Windows phones. I think this might be the set up for the best gag you can pull on a friend in history. If I could lay my hands on Davies' mobile, I would download this for him.

The customized browser has various images of Justin Bieber and appears to have little icons related to the singer. Other than the custom images, this is your typical Maxthon browser promising speeds better than Google Chrome in many tests. It also supports dual core processors and HTML 5.

The browser will connect you to free cloud services offering free notes, settings, bookmarks, and history syncing across any Maxthon browser. Other features include an integrated screen grab utility, an ad blocker, and split screen capability. Maxthon also says that it supports video acceleration and the ability to download YouTube videos and watch them later through Resource Sniffer feature.

"Fans of Justin Bieber now have the ultimate browser to surf the web and follow the Believe Tour. These images and skins are a great way to show you're a True Belieber," says Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon.