Justbeats headphones launch as Best Buy exclusive

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I'm not sure where kids learn some of the stuff they know. My daughter came home talking about Justin Bieber not long ago and asked if she could have a shirt with him on it, she is in kindergarten. It was one of the low points of parenthood for me. She then asked Santa for one of the Bieber dolls that sing and things got worse. If you have a kid that has Bieber Fever, you might want to keep them away from Best Buy.

Best Buy has announced that it is the exclusive launch partner for the Justbeats line of headphones. These things are not at all cheap and coming in purple only. If you are inclined, you can pick up the Justbeats by Dr. Dre Solo Headphone for $199.95 or the iBeats by Dr. Dre Justbeats edition for $119.95.

The second set is earbuds and they have the Control Talk cable to let the things work with your music phone. The ControlTalk remote cable works with most iPods and the iPhone. Right now, the only set listed on the Best Buy website is the iBeats version and they are on sale right now for $99.99.