Jurassic World plot details leak

A new Jurassic World leak has surfaced, this one with sources dropping details about the movie's plot — or, perhaps better stated, the nature of the movie's plot. Nothing huge is given away, but those purists among us who like to watch their movies with as fresh of eyes as possible, be warned: spoilers ahead.

The information comes from JoBlo, which says it has received exclusive details about the movie from sources. Among them is that Jurassic World will be an up-and-running theme park with shops and rides and all sorts of related goodies. A dino petting zoo is included, of course.

Interestingly enough, the tip also states that Jurassic World will feature new dinosaurs created by splicing dino DNA with that of other creatures, with one said to be a mixture of T-Rex, snake, raptor, and cuttlefish. This falls in line with a script that surfaced said to have been a shelved plot for the movie, which included things like dinos crossed with dogs to make strange abominations.

The mixed dino above will be the "bad guy" of the film, with good dinosaurs trained by Chris Pratt's character battling the bad dinosaur. What isn't known is whether there will be more than one bad dino. That means viewers are in for some big dino-on-dino battle scenes, if all goes as leaked.

VIA: Digital Trends