Jurassic Park 4 officially named Jurassic World, lands June 2015

Shane McGlaun - Sep 11, 2013, 5:07am CDT
Jurassic Park 4 officially named Jurassic World, lands June 2015

The Jurassic Park series of movies are some of my favorite action films. I also really enjoyed the book that the original film was based on. You can bet when the next movie in the Jurassic Park franchise debuts lots of fans of the original movies will be waiting in line to see it.

If you’ve been wondering when the next movie in the franchise is coming some information on that has surfaced. The next movie will reportedly be called Jurassic World and is set for release on June 12, 2015. That release date was confirmed by Universal Pictures recently. Previously, the film was known as Jurassic Park 4 but was delayed because the studio didn’t feel like the script was up to snuff.

The director currently attached to the project is Colin Trevorrow. The new title reportedly goes along with some details about the script that surfaced previously. Those details claim the film was set on a modern-day Isla Nublar were Jurassic Park is operating as an actual themepark as intended by John Hammond. The premise is that the park attracts 10 million visitors each year and has been safe until things go wrong again.

Some recent information claims that the script has been heavily changed since those previous leaks surfaced. Therefore, we really don’t know what movie will be about other than you can guarantee dinosaurs will be stalking people and eating them at some point in the film.

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