Jule's Foods recalls all of its plant-based products over salmonella risk

California company Jule's Foods has announced the voluntary recall of its plant-based food products over possible Salmonella contamination. The issue appears to potentially stem from the use of cashews, but the source is still a mystery at this point. The company notes that it is working with the FDA and that the recall is joined by a Salmonella probe by the CDC and FDA.

The recall was recently published by the FDA; it notes that some Jule's Foods cashew-based brie products tested positive for Salmonella via the California Department of Public Health. The products were sold in several US states, including Texas, New York, Ohio, Nevada, California, and others.

However, the recall notes that these plant-based items were mostly distributed to independently-owned grocery stores. Recalled items include the Jule's-brand classic cashew brie, truffle cashew brie, garlic cashew brie, artichoke spinach dip, and vegan ranch dressing.

The company, given its plant-based nature, uses cashews in the place of dairy for these food products. The list of related UPCs for these recalled items can be found on the FDA's website here. The company has stopped producing these food products and consumers who may have purchased them are told to either return them to the store for a refund or throw them away.

This recall joins a couple of other food-related recalls in the US, the latest of which are two related to enoki mushrooms possibly contaminated with Listeria. Consumers can keep an eye out for product recalls on the FDA's website, while the CDC also lists any outbreaks that may be related to contaminated food products.