Judge recommends guilty charges for Jack Thompson

If gamers had a a single collective enemy, that person would be Jack Thompson. He's gone out of his way time and again attempting to rid the world of games that many of us find quite enjoyable. While I've often wondered what we could do to finally defeat him once and for all, it seems that we need to do nothing, as he's already done everything himself. We told you back in February that he was appearing before the Florida Supreme court, now it looks like he very well be found guilty of the charges.

The judge presiding over the case has officially recommended that our good friend Jack Thompson should be found guilty on 27 of the 31 misconduct charges. All but two of those charges are from gaming-related cases.

We'll have to wait until the Florida Supreme Court has their say, but with the judge recommending guilty, I would think that they would make a similar ruling. It's not quite time to celebrate just yet, but hopefully it is enough to keep him out of the public eye for a little while. After all, if he goes to a news agency, they're going to want to bring up this decision, and I highly doubt that he'll enjoy talking about it.

[via Joystiq]