Judge allows Sony to unveil visitors to GeoHot PS3 jailbreaking site

Sony's pursuit of PS3 hacker GeoHot has turned up a notch and if you have visited the site where GeoHot was offering the PS3 hack you might end up in some hot water of your own. Apparently, the judge presiding over the case has agreed to let Sony uncover the IP addresses of all the people who visited the website.

The judge is allowing Sony to grab the visitor data ranging from January 2009 through to now. That means if you visited the site and didn't mask your IP Sony will know it. Exactly what Sony will do with the visitor data is unknown right now, but presumably, they could start a campaign of legal suits and harassment of RIAA caliber.

Along with allowing Sony to get the visitor data from GeoHot's website Sony has also been allowed to subpoena YouTube and Google to get data linked to GeoHot and his postings and his Twitter account is fair game as well. The hosting firm for GeoHot's website is Bluehost and the subpoena covers " documents reproducing all server logs, IP address logs, account information, account access records and application or registration forms" that go with the GeoHot website.