Judge recommends permanent disbarment for Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson's career as a lawyer may very well be coming to a permanent end. We all know that he has been in hot water, with the Judge recommending a guilty sentence on 27 misconduct charges, however, it seems that she also recommends that he be permanently disbarred.

The Florida Bar recently recommended a 10-year "enhanced" disbarment sentence for our favorite crazy lawyer. While that may well be long enough for Thompson's career to be completely ruined, Judge Tunis doesn't think it is harsh enough.

I for one cannot wait until the day that the Florida Supreme Court rules on this case. I've seen Thompson appear on too many news reports talking about the dangers of video games, and how they are behind ever single killing spree in our country. Perhaps now these people will finally realize that he's bat-shit crazy and there may actually be something seriously wrong with those individuals that has nothing to do with video games.

[via GamePolitics]