JPR report finds graphics card add-in board sales totaled $17B for 2010

Jon Peddie Research or JPR is one of the firms that tracks the tech world and specifically looks at the GPU shipments and associated gear. The latest report is in from JPR and it looks at Q4 2010 and at 2010 as a whole. According to JPR the add-in video card market didn't do well compared to 2009 in 2010 with a total value of $17 billion.

In Q4 alone, the industry was worth $4.4 billion and as well all know the main players in the add-in card market are NVIDIA and AMD. Despite the fact that the recession was letting up in 2010 and 2009 was the worse year for the economy shipments in 2010 were lower overall than in 2009. In 2009, the industry shipped 75.3 million add-in cards and in 2010, the industry shipped 72.8 million.

Another interesting fact is that despite traditionally higher sales in Q4 with holiday shopping, Q4 shipments didn't exceed shipments from Q3. NVIDIA still has the share lead in add-in cards with 60.8% of the market and AMD had 38.8% of the market. NVIDIA grew its share 3.6% compared to Q3 and the share for AMD slipped 5.2% for the Q4 2010.