Joseph Gordon-Levitt's "In a City" film arrives with NX1 footage

In late October, Samsung tapped Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his production company HitRECord to film a short movie using its NX1 camera. That project was joined by a call for crowdsourced content, and the idea behind it all was to give a creative look at how Samsung's new camera holds up. Right on schedule, the final version of In a City has been announced by Samsung and released for everyone to enjoy — and, as always, we have it for you after the jump.

The Samsung NX1 is a relatively compact camera offering a 28-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor alongside a 50-150mm f/2.8 S lens and the ability to record 4K Ultra HD video. According to Samsung, the NX1 totes the maker's fastest auto-focus yet with 205 phase-detection auto-focus points via the NX AF System III. We've previously detailed the camera.

The In a City film showcases the camera's UHD recording capabilities while taking a look at seven cities across the globe. The film's soundtrack was crowdsourced. Said Gordon-Levitt, "We set out to make a film that speaks to a common experience, shared by millions of people, but set in some of the world's most diverse cities."

The team plans to show a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process and unseen footage on December 16. As for the camera itself, the NX1 became available to buyers in the United States late last month.

SOURCE: Samsung