Jongo T4 wireless speaker unveiled at CES 2014

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 5, 2014, 6:00pm CST
Jongo T4 wireless speaker unveiled at CES 2014

Pure has introduced some new products here at the start of CES, among them being the Jongo T4, a wireless speaker that the company says will be available later on this month in the United States. This joins the lineup of other Jongo speakers, and will be accompanied by colored speaker grilles based on, according to the company, global trends throughout the year.

The Jongo T4 is the latest addition in the company’s catalog, joining the Jongo S3, which is a portable wireless speaker with a rechargeable battery, and the Jongo A2, a portable HiFi adapter. This is the middle product in its own series, falling between the Jongo T2 and the more expensive Jongo T6.

The Jongo T4 is a 50w speaker with WiFi synchronization and Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker can be used as a standalone device on a shelf or such, or mounted on a wall either horizontally or vertically. As mentioned, there will also be different grilles colors available, allowing for the design to be altered to match the surrounding décor.

Said Pure’s Director of US Sales Noam Meppen: “Speaker size and positioning of speakers is important to consumers, which is why Pure has developed multiple Jongo products to suit different needs and tastes. In the U.S, where homes are often larger than in other countries, we are seeing higher sales of our larger speakers so we expect there to be a lot of interest in the new Jongo T4.”

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